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The Unexpected Son by Shobhan Bantwal

Posted by litekepr on August 30, 2010

The Unexpected Son by Shobhan Bantwal

Vinita is a young woman in contemporary India and the captain of the college cricket team pays attention to her. For a very focused student, that is overwhelming and she simply has to make any adjustments in her life to enjoy his attention. They start off with innocent cups of coffee in a local coffee shop, but things turn more serious and intimate. Vinita is from a strict Indian family and she knows that her behavior isn’t “approved”, but she’s young and “in love”.

Soon Vinita must face the fact that she’s pregnant. That is hard enough,  she must tell her family but first she has to tell the father. His reaction is that he will pay for an abortion – that leaves her with no options. She has to tell her parents.  It goes as bad as she feared and her older brother is called home to help them deal with the “situation”. Vinita goes to live with her brother until the baby is born and her mother comes to be with her for the baby’s birth.

Vinita is insistent that she will keep her baby and raise it on her own – totally against her family’s wishes. She is very sick when she goes into labor and her body is too weak to get through a difficult delivery. So, the doctor, a friend of her brother’s, suggests a C-section. Eventually, she is too weak to argue. Hours later when she wakes, Vinita is told that her son didn’t survive. Imagine the guilt of a young mother who was too sick to delivery her baby, who made the decision to try to have the baby naturally and then she learns that he died.

Time passes and Vinita’s family eventually finds a marriage match for her and she moves to the United States to start a new life and a family with her husband.  Her life is happy and she loves her husband and her daughter. Things are good in her new life until an unexpected letter arrives – it says that her son is very sick and may not survive. Obviously she is confused – then she speaks to her brother who admits her son didn’t die all those years ago. As she tries to grasp the truth, she must face the fact that her husband and daughter don’t even know she was pregnant. How can she tell them that she lied to them?

That letter sets of a chain of unexpected and emotional events for Vinita, her husband, her daughter, her parents, her brother and sister in law. In addition, she is caught in the middle of an unexpected “turf war” in her home town.

If you like stories that tug on your heart strings, reveal the dynamics of family background and help you get inside the mind of a young innocent Indian woman making her way in the world – you will love The Unexpected Son. Author, Shobhan Bantwal, brings her rich personal history and vivid creativity and imagination to her stories which will give you insights into Indian culture and open the complicated lives of her characters. Each of her books provide a unique glimpse into Indian culture and tradition and they provide a journey that I highly recommend.

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