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Glamour Girl From the Stars by Carlton Scott

Posted by litekepr on June 30, 2010

As a young girl – I was always taller than everyone my age. That makes a person very self conscious and we all want to fit in – especially as a child in school. The height “issue” has always been a part of my life and I finally got to a point where I accepted it when I was working with a group of people who were all my height – and taller :)

So – I could definitely relate to PleeDee the Glamour Girl from the Stars. Can’t relate to the intergalactic part – but wanting to fit in and wanting to feel good about herself.

She is a girl that hears about the Miss Universe pageant and being an intergalactic girl – she thinks that there will be young girls from all parts of the universe. That seems like a logical assumption.

PleeDee borrows her father’s flying saucer – a girl has to have transportation to get to the Miss Universe pageant. She overshoots 2010 in her enthusiasm and ends up meeting dinosaurs, so after making a few adjustments, she reached 2010. Since she’s come so far, she visits various places on earth, including: Las Vegas with the glitz and Elvis impersonators, she gets away from Area 51 by heading to Hawaii with the sandy beaches and surfer dudes, she visits the Great Wall of China, visits the coliseum in Rome, and even stops off for some spaghetti.

Eventually she reaches Los Angeles, California and she is surprised to see that all the people in the competition are “only tall hungry females”. This is quite a sight for a young girl who is 3’2″ and wears size ten shoes. Looking around at the people in the pageant, she realizes she is a winner too – “or at least number two!”

As she gets back in her father’s flying saucer to go home, she understands that “when little girls live up to their potential, wherever they are, they’ll shine brightly with confidence, no matter how near or far.”

She learned a valuable lesson that all young girls and boys – and older boys and girls need to learn that they don’t have to look like everyone else to be special. Living up to their potential and excelling in their own lives is a great way to feel good about themselves.

This 3’2″ girl with green skin and size 10 shoes feels like a winner at the Miss Universe pageant, she sets a great example of children of all ages, shapes, genders, backgrounds and many other things that make us different from other people.

How can you help the children in your life feel better about themselves, to see they don’t have to look like everyone else and to understand who they are on the inside is even more important than how they look? Maybe PleeDee’s story will help them start to understand they “are a winner – or at least they are number two” — and that’s a good thing :)

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